Cigar Careers

Privacy Policy

Cigar Careers is a site meant for the transfer of information, however, we know certain aspects of the job seeking or job search process need to be kept confidential. For job seekers - any information you submit to an outside source via our site, whether applying via a direct listing on our site or through one of the web-based listings is governed by that company’s privacy policy. Cigar Careers is not responsible for any information submitted outside of our website. Resumes that are submitted to Cigar Careers are not made public. They are stored in a private database, only accessible by companies that Cigar Careers personally selects as qualified to view this database. By submitting your resume to Cigar Careers, you authorize us to share with any company we select without additional permission or approval.

Employers who submit job listings will have all information displayed publicly. If you’re an employer and wish to conduct a search for employees without revealing the identity of your company or wish to have resumes submitted to an impartial 3rd party, please contact Travis Lord personally to discuss the specific opportunity and discuss how I can help.