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The premium cigar industry is a very unique business, and one that requires a special type of person to excel. I should know, I have spent over 10 years working with a variety of cigar retailers. One of the main things I noticed is that people who know and love premium cigars almost always perform better and fit in better. It makes perfect sense to me, selling a product you love is easy!

I’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it can be for a company that sells cigars to find not only a qualified applicant, but also one who not only tolerates, but loves, their product. I’ve met a whole bunch of cigar smokers in my career, and I know that premium cigar enthusiasts are frequently talented and well qualified for a variety of positions. Many of them have a strong desire to make a career out of their passion for the leaf.

I founded Cigar Careers to help cigar lovers find a career they can be passionate about and to help some terrific small businesses grow and thrive with quality employees. I want to open the door for cigar enthusiasts to have an opportunity to work in the premium cigar industry. I want them to make themselves available to the large number of terrific companies who are constantly growing and innovating, so that when these companies are ready to fill a position, they can fill it with a qualified prospect who already possesses the love of the leaf. This site is built for you to take the skills you’ve learned along your career path and apply them to an industry you can believe in. I have met so many BOTLs and SOTLs who are extremely intelligent and talented, yet they worked for companies they are unhappy with. Cigar companies need employees with every traditional workplace skillset - they just happen to sell the best product in the world!

I know how important staffing decisions are for companies on all levels on the cigar business. I want to help all companies who sell premium cigars to have the best people working for them. Whether a cashier position at a small B&M shop or a high-level executive role at a major manufacturing company, employee selection is vital to success. I know from experience that companies who sell cigars don’t have bottomless recruiting budgets and a headhunter on retainer at all times. Finding a qualified person to fill an important position is hard enough, and as the workforce trends more and more towards being completely tobacco-free, finding someone with the proper skills and the willingness to work with tobacco can be a daunting task. That’s why I am in the process of collecting an extensive database of resumes from individuals with an enormous variety of skills who also love cigars. Today’s cigar enthusiast and fan of your company can become tomorrow’s all-star employee!

Cigar Careers’ mission is to match the best employees with their dream job. It couldn't be any simpler. Whether you’re looking for a career change to use your skills in a new field, or you’re looking to fill that opening at your company with the perfect employee, with just a few clicks of a button at Cigar Careers you can be on your way.

Thank you for visiting this site that represents things I am extremely passionate about. Want to learn more about me? Well, I've got my resume on Cigar Careers - so check it out!


Travis Lord